Live2Sell Group Owe their Success from their Increasing Number of Clients

by Cherry

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Live2Care, the subsidiary of Live2Sell Group of Companies had completed the development of their outsourcing facility located in Cebu City, Philippines.

Live2Sell Group, one of the best growing Philippines Call Centers, had fully fledged 500% in the previous year. As the overseas demand for outsourcing business processes like Inbound Customer Service and Outbound Telemarketing continue to nurture, the company is planning to add more seats in the upcoming year. In an interview, Chris C. Ducker, CEO of Live2Sell, said "I believe that the company is just beginning to grow, after going from just 10 seats to currently 150 in the last 18 months. We are still getting going! We are continuing to grow our client base as well as our internal development programs and are obviously looking forward to the next 18 months." They have clients from United States, UK, and Australia.

The company formerly started out as an Outbound Telemarketing consultancy company. They had extended its Virtual Assistant and Inbound Customer Service and Support services when their existing clients required them. The start of their tremendously popular Virtual Assistant service resulted to the increase in the number of small and medium-sized companies (in US) who are calling them to ask for assistance and also to benefit from the cost-saving advantage. Frank Bishop, a design company owner from North Carolina, said that they started out using Live2Sell for their Outbound Telemarketing needs, and they use their Inbound Customer Service services because of the other business that was brought on.